In this course, you will learn about creating, executing, and transforming batch jobs using functions, scripts, and basic transforms to change the structure and formatting of data. This course would ideally suit delegates who are new to SAP Data Services.

Who should attend

  • Data Consultant / Manager
  • Solution Architect


  • Data warehousing and ETL concepts
  • Experience with MySQL and SQL language
  • Experience using functions, elementary procedural language programming and flow-of-control statements such as If-Then-Else and While Loop statements
  • Data warehouse fundamentals
  • Data warehouse architecture and modelling
  • Data staging and data quality issues

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  • Data Services
  • Source and Target Metadata
  • Batch Job Creation
  • Batch Job Troubleshooting
  • Functions, Scripts, and Variables
  • Platform Transforms
  • Error Handling
  • Changes in Data
  • Data Services Integrator Transforms


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