This gives you the understanding and skills to use Information Steward to ensure ongoing master data quality. It will also give the more advanced user the understanding and skills to not only perform basic data profiling, but also to build sophisticated validation and cleansing rules and packages based on profiling results to maintain high levels of ongoing data quality. Users will explore the lineage of data used across systems while at the same time be able to design and maintain a global company business glossary.

Why attend

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Manage sources and targets of data
  • Perform Data Profiling Using Basic and Advanced Profile Types
  • Build and Apply Validation Rules
  • Use validation rules to create Data Quality Scorecards
  • Integrate Metadata Relationships Across Enterprise Systems
  • Define Business Terms and building a Glossary with Metapedia
  • Define the Cleansing Package Builder
  • Configure Cleansing Packages using the Cleansing Package Builder
  • Refine Cleansing Packages by creating Context and Category Definitions

Who should attend

  • Application Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Consultant / Manager
  • User


  • Basic knowledge of data quality management and metadata management concepts
  • DS10 Data Services: Platform and Transforms (recommended)
  • DS30 Data Services - Data Quality Management (recommended)
Code: DS100
Price: 1.450 EUR

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SAP Information Steward Overview

  • Identifying Information Steward Advantages and Components

Data Profiling

  • Managing Tables, Flat Files, and Information Steward Views
  • Performing Basic (Column) Profiling
  • Performing Data Profiling Using Advanced Profile Types
  • Applying Validation Rules
  • Creating Data Quality Scorecards

Metadata Relationship Integration Across Enterprise Systems

  • Integrating Metadata Relationships Across Enterprise Systems

Definition of Business Terms with Metapedia

  • Defining Business Terms with Metapedia

Data Cleansing

  • Defining the Cleansing Package Builder
  • Configuring Cleansing Packages
  • Creating Cleansing Packages in Design Mode
  • Creating Context and Category Definitions in Cleansing Packages
  • Publishing Cleansing Packages in Advanced Mode


27 Aug28 Aug
18 Nov19 Nov
17 Dec18 Dec


The fee for this 2-day course is EUR 1.450,00 (+VAT) per person.

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