In this course, you will learn about cleansing and standardizing address data and non-address data such as names and phone numbers and matching and consolidating records. You will also learn how to parse data from unstructured text such as emails to provide useful and reportable data. As a business benefit, by being able to create efficient data quality projects, you can use the transformed data to help improve operational and supply chain efficiencies, enhance customer relationships, create new revenue opportunities, and optimize return on investment from enterprise applications.

Why attend

After completing this course, you will:

  • Use Address Cleanse Transforms to parse, standardize, cleanse and enhance address records
  • Use Data Cleanse Transforms to parse, standardize, cleanse and enhance data records
  • Use the Match Transform to match and consolidate data records
  • Use the Text Data Processing Entity Extraction Transform to parse unstructured data for analysis and reporting

Who should attend

  • Application Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Consultant / Manager
  • User


  • DS10 Data Services (essential)
Code: DS30
Price: 1.450 EUR

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Overview: Data Services Data Quality Management

  • Define Data Quality Management

Data Quality Transforms

  • Defining Data Quality Processes

Use Addresss Cleanse Transforms

  • Preparing Data for Address Cleanse
  • Using Address Cleanse Transforms

Data Cleanse Transforms

  • Parsing for Data Cleanse
  • Using Data Cleanse Transforms

Match and Consolidate Data

  • Determining the Need for Record Deduplication
  • Using the Match Wizard
  • Configuring the Match Transform
  • Performing Post-Match Processing
  • Consolidating Matching Records
  • Using Advanced Match Strategies

Text Data Processing

  • Using Text Data Processing


07 Oct08 Oct


The fee for this 2-day course is EUR 1.450,00 (+VAT) per person.

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