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Learning. Knowledge. Insight. Success.

These are the words that not only drive the creation of our education and training programs, they describe the powerful results customers can achieve with the help of Quest For Knowledge. 

The Kimball Legacy is Kept Alive

The Kimball Group has ceased operations since 2016 but Quest for Knowledge continues the Kimball legacy with one of its top contributors: Joy Mundy.

We keep what is good and eliminate overlap. That’s why we have now introduced a two-day Data Warehouse Lifecycle and Data Warehouse ETL course with Joy Mundy, co-author with Ralph Kimball and other members of Kimball Group of many of the popular “Toolkit” books including The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit and The Kimball Group Reader. We have also updated the three-day course on Dimensional Modeling.

Big Data & Analytics – From Strategy to Implementation

This two day course is aimed at getting Data Scientists, Data Warehousing and BI professionals up to scratch on Big Data, Hadoop, other NoSQL DBMSs and Multi-Platform Analytics.

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Developing the ETL system has always been the most troublesome and time-consuming piece of the data warehouse / business intelligence project. Of the many things you can do right – and wrong – in the ETL system, this article presents my ten favorites.