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Dimensional Modeling: The Kimball Approach

The word “Kimball” is synonymous with dimensional modeling. Learn how to apply Ralph’s techniques for developing your dimensional model, from the basics to the most advanced.

Instructor: Joy Mundy

Designing, Operating and Managing an Enterprise Data Lake

Learn why a data lake is now the starting point in a data architecture and why you need a data lake to lower the cost of data integration.

Instructor: Mike Ferguson

Data Warehouse Modernization

Learn why and how to modernize your data warehouse infrastructures with new technologies, from Hadoop to Data Lakes and a flourishing market of cloud solutions.

Instructor: Mike Ferguson

Data Warehouse ETL: The Kimball Approach

Serving as a road-map for planning, designing, building and running the backroom of a data warehouse, this course provides complete coverage of proven, time-saving ETL techniques.

Instructor: Joy Mundy

Hands-on Data Science for BI Professionals and Data Analysts

Learn to identify data science problems, choose the modeling approach, select the correct features, and evaluate the results.

Instructor: David de Roos

Data Warehouse Lifecycle: The Kimball Approach

Building a data warehouse is complex and challenging. This course is packed with specific techniques, guidance and advice from planning, requirements and design through architecture, ETL and operations.

Instructor: Joy Mundy

SAP Data Services - Platform and Transforms

In this course, you will learn about creating, executing, and transforming batch jobs using functions, scripts, and basic transforms to change the structure and formatting of data. This course would ideally suit delegates who are new to SAP Data Services.

SAP BusinessObjects Information Design Tool

This instructor-led course gives you the comprehensive skills needed to extract, define, and manipulate metadata from relational and OLAP sources to create and deploy SAP BusinessObjects universes.

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence: Report Design I

In this course, you will learn how to retrieve data by building queries using SAP BusinessObjects universes and to use Web Intelligence to enhance documents for easier analysis.

SAP Crystal Reports: Fundamentals of Report Design

This 2-day course is designed to give you comprehensive skills and in-depth knowledge to plan and create reports that will help you analyze and interpret data.

SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform: Designing and Deploying a Solution

This course explains and demonstrates how the SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence platform can be setup to meet the required availability, stability and performance.

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence: Report Design II

This course is designed to give you the comprehensive skills and in-depth knowledge needed to apply alternative query and reporting techniques when creating complex Web Intelligence documents.

SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform: Administration and Security

This two-day course explains how to perform the key administrative tasks in SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform.

SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform: Administering Servers

This course provides a foundation for system architects/administrators who are responsible for maintaining SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform servers.

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