Every day since 1999, we are working on improving the return on data. We were the first company in Europe to partner with gurus like Ralph Kimball, deploying activities in the Benelux, Scandinavia, and the UK.

Today, that attitude is unchanged: we constantly look for best practices and solutions in analytics. This resulted in the mastering and implementation of modern data architectures to support organizational demands for modern analytics.  Our approach optimizes the return on data from the past as well as those from today and the future.

Knowledge Improvement ... Our Mission

In many organizations, the gap between the current knowledge and skills of employees and the knowledge and skills needed to do an effective job is increasingly widening. The introduction of emerging technology solutions stresses the need for quality advisory and training services even more.

Our advisory, implementation and training services are timely, cost-effective means to assist organizations in narrowing the knowledge gap. We provide you with the best knowledge transfers and a sound foundation to make your analytics projects successful.

Working at Quest for Knowledge

We are looking for modern data architects, data engineers, and Business Analytics consultants to join our growing team in The Netherlands.

Our consultants practice what we preach: as Quest for Knowledge is focused on closing the knowledge gap that comes with rapid technological developments, we do exactly the same with our new hires. When you choose Quest for Knowledge as your employer, we will analyze your skills and determine a development roadmap with you. Be it technical skills, customer-facing skills, or any other aspect of your skillset you may wish to develop. Because working at Quest for Knowledge is also working on your own growth and your future as well as growth for our customers.

If you feel up to the challenge, send your application to info@q4k.com. Tell us briefly why you are interested in the data architects, data engineers, or Business Analytics consultant position, along with your CV or a link to your LinkedIn profile.

How can we help you?

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