We have been active in modern data analytics and architectures delivering customer, financial and process analytics to a wide range of customers in the Benelux.

Yet, with process analytics we have reached the limits of tools like statistical process control, operations scorecards and business process improvement. These analytical tools provide data and insights of the intended processes and their results but they fail to report on what’s really going on in the organization. Ingesting and reading the event logs from processes and tasks performed outside the process flow takes process analytics to the next level.

What is the Role of Process Mining in AI Automation?

Mike Ferguson looks at the Process Mining component to consider when implementing embedded analytics, intelligent apps, and AI-automation.

Totally Different From BI And Yet So Identical

Any process mining specialist will tell you that data acquisition, cleansing and publication is the largest chunk of the process. That’s where our data enegineering knowledge and experience comes in: to provide you with a scalable and sustainable modern data architecture that enables optimum process mining.

And what’s more: the pitfalls in process mining are the same as the ones in Business Intelligence: lack of qualitative data, business and tech alignment gaps, lack of executive sponsorship and a compelling business case. Insufficient competences in the project team, … process mining needs the same careful and structured approach as Business Intelligence.

Identical Use Cases for Advanced Outcomes

The use cases for process mining are no different from process analytics: through insight in the as is situation obtaining inputs for process improvement, data capture and data quality improvement as well as increasing the quality of decision making in areas like research and development, product management, distribution management and operations in general.

Quest for Knowledge has always worked on the improvement of Business Intelligence systems. We are convinced process mining will enhance the value of the existing Business Intelligence systems.

What Does It Take to Convince You Process Mining Is Not Just the Flavour of the Day?

Would you be interested in exploring the benefits of process mining? Or do you prefer a quick scan of the process mining opportunities in your organization? Do you see opportunities in generic supporting processes like procurement, accounts payable and accounts receivable? Or is the real value in the primary processes of the supply chain or production management?

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