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Rapid Data Warehouse Development Using Data Warehouse Automation

How can you use metadata driven data warehouse automation tools to rapidly build, change and extend modern cloud and on-premises data warehouses and data marts? How can these tools help you adopt new modern data modelling techniques quickly, how can they generate schemas and data integration jobs and how can they help you migrate to your new data warehouse systems on the cloud?

The Kimball Legacy is Kept Alive

The Kimball Group has ceased operations but Quest for Knowledge is keeping the Kimball legacy alive. We partner with Joy Mundy, co-author with Ralph Kimball and other members of Kimball Group, of many of the popular “Toolkit” books. She teaches the full course portfolio, previously taught by Kimball University for one simple reason: the Kimball approach proves its value over and over.

Our data & analytics advisory and training services were used and endorsed by companies like Deloitte, ASML, Nordea, ING, and 1.492 more.

Modern Data Warehouse Requirements

Mike Ferguson shares his experience and expertise in explaining the key building blocks of modern data warehouses that need to be in place for flexibility and agility.

Training Services for All Your Data and Analytics Needs

With over 10 Data and Analytics courses and a series of product-oriented training classes for leading BI solutions, our training provides you with the best knowledge transfer and a sound foundation to make your projects successful.

Our training services cover the full spectrum of your educational requirements. They help your administrators and developers master the technical skills required to optimally deploy and manage data and analytics solutions and they help your business users gain the knowledge they need for improved profitability and advanced competitiveness.

Dimensional Modeling: The Kimball Approach

The word “Kimball” is synonymous with dimensional modeling. Learn how to apply Ralph’s techniques for developing your dimensional model, from the basics to the most advanced.


Joy Mundy

Data Mesh: Practical Guidelines for Implementation

What is a Data Mesh and how does it differ from a Data Lake and a Data Lakehouse? What benefits does a Data Mesh offer and what are the implementation options? Learn about the principles, requirements, and challenges of implementing a Data Mesh.


Mike Ferguson

Data Warehouse Modernization

Learn the tools and techniques needed to capture new data types, establish a data pipeline to produce re-usable data assets, modernize your data warehouse and bring together data and analytics.


Mike Ferguson

Hope that Joy will continue to spread her knowledge for several years – our community needs good sessions like this!

S. Karlsson, BI Developer

Mike really knows a lot and has clear answers. He repeats certain concepts throughout the course, which is very good!

I. Ypma, Information Manager

The course was on a higher level than I expected. For me, that was perfect!

M. Hinder, Solution Architect

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