The Global Coronavirus Pandemic is causing governments to restrict people movements and imposes social distancing. Quest for Knowledge is committed to minimize the effects of the virus to keep our employees, customers and partners safe and sound, and our operations running. As a precaution, we have implemented measures aligned with the recommendations given by recognized health authorities e.g. the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as relevant local health authorities.

For this reason, Quest for Knowledge has decided to take proactive steps and update our course schedule for the second quarter of 2020. Some courses will be converted to virtual classes, others will be postponed.

If circumstances such as country specific movement restrictions and international travel restrictions prevent us from running a planned classroom course as a physical event at the advertised venue, then we will run the class live using a virtual training platform. This will allow students to remain at their home or office location, log in and attend a virtual live classroom where the instructor will present the course slides, and will receive and answer questions via voice and via the on-line Q&A service.

The content will be exactly the same as in a classroom because no virus can stop us from developing skills and enhancing our knowledge. This pandemic is not forever, make sure you’re armed with the best possible skills when demand will pick up.

Make the best of the situation and above all: stay healthy!

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