Data Warehousing

Dimensional Modeling: The Kimball Approach

The word “Kimball” is synonymous with dimensional modeling. Learn how to apply Ralph’s techniques for developing your dimensional model, from the basics to the most advanced.

Instructor: Joy Mundy

Data Warehouse Modernization

Learn why and how to modernize your data warehouse infrastructures with new technologies, from Hadoop to Data Lakes and a flourishing market of cloud solutions.

Instructor: Mike Ferguson

Data Warehouse ETL: The Kimball Approach

Serving as a road-map for planning, designing, building and running the backroom of a data warehouse, this course provides complete coverage of proven, time-saving ETL techniques.

Instructor: Joy Mundy

Data Warehouse Lifecycle: The Kimball Approach

Building a data warehouse is complex and challenging. This course is packed with specific techniques, guidance and advice from planning, requirements and design through architecture, ETL and operations.

Instructor: Joy Mundy

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