This half-day hands-on lab gives you a chance to try a Data Automation Tool (WhereScape) out for yourself. Enjoy a fast-paced, interactive workshop using an automated code generator and best-practice templates to build a fully functional and documented data warehouse. You will be set up with your own instance of the software and a target database via a virtual machine and then be guided through real-world development scenarios as if you were part of a professional data engineering team. So this is not a slick demo from a pre-sales team ... it’s the real deal! Our team of senior architects lead a hands-on lab on Data Warehouse Automation as proof that the future of data warehousing is now. No other approach will deliver faster design, development, deployment and maintenance of a classic Kimball architecture or a Data Vault. By the end of this hands-on Lab, you will have built a data warehouse and understand the wider value of this approach to Data Vaults, Data Marts and Data Lakes.

You will learn:

  • The latest data automation technologies and how they can help you streamline your data architecture
  • Unveil the key strategies for accelerating data warehouse projects and achieving delivery within hours instead of weeks or months
  • Gain insights on how to eliminate the risk of technology lock-in and ensure the longevity of your data warehouse architecture
  • How to automate the design, build and management of your data warehouse, vault or lake, allowing you to work faster with less resource
  • How Data Warehouse Automation simplifies and accelerates development with built-in wizards and templates
  • How Data Warehouse Automation allows you to build, change and operate your data infrastructure by dragging and dropping from source to target


Who should attend

This hands-on lab is intended for lead BI/DW engineers, BI/DW managers and, solution- and data architects who want to take the fastest, safest, most secure path to create, manage and adapt Data Warehouses, Data Marts, Data Vaults, and Data Lakes.

Code: DWA_AMS2024
Price: FREE

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02 Jul - 02 Jul '24
By applying to attend this free morning workshop, you confirm that you accept to pay the no-show fee of EUR 50,- in case you do not show up without prior notice 48 hours before the event. Please be advised we will check the information you provide and if the criteria are met, you will receive a personal invitation that confirms your seat.


This morning workshop is free and exclusively reserved for business and IT professionals from end-user companies with the previously mentioned job titles. We will check all registrations upon their validity and admittance will only be final after confirmation by Quest for Knowledge. We will allow for a maximum of two participants per company.

Since this is a free event, we are aware that no-shows may occur. We will charge EUR 50,- in case of not showing up without duly canceling your participation 48 hours in advance. We will invoice you the amount plus VAT and transfer the money to a charity. We hope you will understand the unfairness of refusing other participants access on the one hand while on the other registered participants do not show up without prior notice.

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