Our experts are available for your SAP BusinessObjects BI projects, both on a short-term as well as long-term basis. We can work with your teams onsite or at our offices, as your needs may be. We will ensure complete knowledge transfer to your team so that you can seamlessly take over the projects upon completion. Our advisory services include:

Design and deploy a SAP Business Objects BI platform

We can design, build and troubleshoot your SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform. Our experts will review the architecture, administration, security and content management in your SAP BusinessObjects BI platform.

SAP Integration

When you want to access SAP data using SAP BusinessObjects BI, you need to understand how to best integrate these technologies. We have the expertise to successfully integrate SAP BusinessObjects BI into an SAP environment.

Universe Design

To design effecive and effecicient universes for your business users, you need a thorough understanding of their structure and application. A well designed universe is key to end-user adoption of the reporting and analysis tool. We have the comprehensive skills needed to work with the Universe Designer or Information Design Tool. Our experts will help you to design, build and maintain SAP BusinessObjects universes.

Report Development and Analysis

Developing SAP BusinessObjects reports requires a deep understanding of the various report development and analysis tools offered by SAP and how to best use the right tool for your needs. Do you use Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports or SAP Business Objects Analysis Edition for Office? We will guide you in determining the best tool for the right job. You will work closely with our experts who will guide you in the report development and analysis process.

Data Visualization

SAP Lumira can be used to create good looking visual representation of KPIs.  We apply the best practices in designing a dashboard. Let us help you with creating well thought through visualization that can be delivered to mobile devices or viewed on the web.

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud combines all analytics capabilities in a single SaaS solution. These cloud BI tools can help you blend data from different sources, create compelling data visualizations, run ad hoc reporting, and more. Our experts help you to configure SAP Analytics Cloud and create content.

SAP Data Intelligence

Deliver data Intelligence with artificial intelligence and information management using the cloud. Utilize best practices in building machine learning models together with robust data processing systems to transform you data. Let us help you in moving towards this cutting edge technology and gain new and advanced insights.

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